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Talk to us fast!

At Gutters Blocked Gold Coast we also provide the most cost-effective residential and commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance services the Gold Coast has to offer.

With the rising costs of power it is essential that solar panels are regularly cleaned to ensure that they are producing the highest power output as possible.

The rain does not clean your panels! In fact, rain can carry microscopic amounts of minerals, which can build up over time to leave the surface looking dirty and clouded. Then, there’s the debris that can fall on the panels, even when they’re not in the direct line of a tree.

Our solar panel cleaning services follow manufacturers cleaning guidelines and will not void your solar panels warranty. We use gentle formulas and non-abrasive equipment to get each panel looking practically new again.

Dirty solar panel can be costing your a lot of money:

  • Lose efficiency and lifespan 
  • Reduce overall system performance
  • May cause permanent module staining
  • See a loss of return on investment
  • Affect your limited warranty

Regular cleaning and maintenance offers many benefits:

  • Ensures a maximum output
  • Maintains your warranty
  • Saves you money
  • Extends the life of your investment
  • Prevents permanent module staining
  • Gives you peace of mind 

Residential or commercial, professional solar panel solar panel cleaning and maintenance services on the Gold Coast.

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