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Gutter gaurd, protection for your gutters.

Keeping gutters clean all year round can be a constant worry: the lack of regular, and often precarious maintenance can cause irreversible damage to down pipes, roof tiles and gutters. This damage can, in turn, lead to more problems.

We recommend the gutter brush system.

Don’t Buy gutter guard systems that are fixed to the roof as mud and silt will still clog up the Gutter. That’s why we recommend gutter brush  as we can still easily suck out the build-up of muck easily when its needed

  • no separate corner pieces required
  • Catches all leaves and debris leaving rainfall to flow freely into gutter and rainwater pipe
  • Leaves and twigs are simply caught on the hedgehogs ‘spikes’ and over time are blown to the ground
  • Available in black
  • Allows us to still vacuum clean to get built up mud
  • Polypropylene spikes wrap around a stainless steel central cord
  • Ask us for a quote to install Gutter Brush on your roof